My name is Angela.
I’m eighteen years old, born and raised in Australia, a film and television student, left-handed (oddly proud of it), and always trying to find ways to bring out the childish dreamer in me.

So here’s a little peek inside who I am: I love the moon more than the sun, I’m incredibly indecisive, insanely nostalgic, I have ten favourite Beatles songs, I love autumn, bubbles and fireworks fascinate me, ever since Coldplay Live 2012 I’ve come to the conclusion that confetti is one of the most wonderful things in the world, I love the sky in any kind of weather, and I get a solid workout once every four months (that’s usually how long it takes me to swear on a new health routine and not stick to it). Other than the obvious passion for film, I have a love for acting, reading and music (I say that with so much love). I also dabble with amateur photography (not the instagram kind), learning how to speak French, and I’m an avid believer in daydreaming.

Even if no one reads anything on this blog, continuing to update this blog encourages me to use my time a little more productively – to keep using my brain even in times when I don’t need to. There are already too many people in the world who are like that.


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