Live and Mobile

The strangers you walk past everyday
are all complex human beings.
With pasts and futures,
life experiences and places to go,
internal battles
and wondrous triumphs.

But you walk past them everyday
without realizing.

You glance at them
and forget them forever.
Someone you now hold close
was one of them,
just like you are
to a million other people;
– a stranger.


Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.09.39 pm

She looks past her desktop screensaver
to a better life –
Last night’s rain
clinging lumpy brown mud to her fading red gumboots,
the guilty pleasure of hearing the sludge,
squishing and squirming
at every step.
Still squinting through her sunglasses
from the glaring sun reflecting tenfold off the metal poles
that held up the shade for the Mix Up tent stage.

chasing the sound of sweet melodies and tuning guitars,
Like curious dogs
following the waft of barbecued meat.
The gathering of sweaty bodies,
Jumping in unison,
the odd accidental elbowing
or landing on someone else’s foot.
Craning her neck above the flower crowns
to watch the lead singer bound off the stage,
And lose his shoe to a crowd surf.

People ambling closer as their sound catches wind
and drifts toward strangers hundreds of metres away.
Gradually losing personal space,
but quickly gaining friends.

She didn’t care
about the zero left in her account,
or her rain-soaked duffel bag
with stale clothes inside.
She didn’t care
for her lack of sleep
or the due dates
awaiting her return.

All she cared about was
the live music,
the atmosphere,
the exotic food,
this carefree music festival
that was the most convenient getaway
from her so-called ‘life’.
She didn’t know until then
that that was not her life.

This, here –
This is living.

Recovering an old Yashica Fx-7 camera!

I need help! I found my dad’s old camera and I really want to fix it for him. Unfortunately, there is some glitch in my brain in the section that deals with technical terms and problems. All I know is that the “mirror thingy” won’t stay open, and the “film lever thingy” (the lever you move to take another photo) won’t push back all the way.

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but there is that mirror flap that is at the top and it is meant to come down diagonally, but it won’t stay. So everything in the viewfinder is black.


Also, see that black lever thing? It only winds back about 50 degrees, when it’s apparently supposed to go all the way out to the side.

Someone, please! I really want to fix this camera, and I get the feeling it’s some mechanics thing where I’ll have to pull it apart or take it to a store.
If it’s out of my hands, what kind of store can I visit to fix it? Or is it, god forbid… unrecoverable?!


Found this lovely work of art while browsing ym&c today. Pretty much everything wonderfully creative, I find from that blog. Wirrow does a whole range of stuff, mostly illustrations. This video in particular, I’ve found I liked the most so far, while browsing his website. I’ve said a few times before – there’s nothing I love more than creative things (namely films) that are thought-provoking. Independence is a very interesting take on life and human beings. In my opinion, this holds so much truth. Last year, I did a drama group performance assessment for my (HSC) finals at school, and this video pretty much sums up exactly what we were trying to say. I’ve always thought civilisation has sort of overdone the whole system in trying to keep everyone safe and happy; I find it can be rather restricting.

The funny thing about Wirrow’s work, is that sometimes it’s just to tell a story. In one of the many “tiny stories”, he actually writes at the end, “this story is not symbolic.” The butterfly fell in love with a fluttering piece of paper. The end! But it seems that a lot of his work is a lot more than that. Even if he doesn’t mean anything by it, it’s great to develop your own interpretation of it – that’s the whole beauty of art! It is perceived differently by everyone, and sometimes differently again every time you come back to it.

I absolutely love these illustrations and tiny stories. A lot of them have such a beautiful innocence to it, so childlike and imaginative, like a naive mind pointing out an observation that even the smartest of people sometimes miss. But at the same time, some of them explore the dark of an innocent mind. Does that even make sense? Or the loneliness, I suppose. Either way, I’m really glad ym&c featured Wirrow on their blog. I love spending my spare time discovering new art, as opposed to browsing tumblr the way I used to!

I think that in a way, his illustrations sometimes remind me of the illustrations in The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, one of my all-time favourite books.

(^ That is currently the background on my phone!) They look very different, but the more illustrations you see, and if you read the book, the more you realise they were kind of on the same wavelength as each other. The viewed society and the world quite similarly.