03: The five songs you would have with you on a desert island

Okay, clearly I take playlists way too seriously sometimes, because I put too much time and effort into this one! I’m not just going to choose my 5 favourite songs or my 5 most played songs (although most of them turned out to be both of these things :/), because I need to make sure I cater to all MY EMOTIONS! (Community reference, yes)
Also I had to make sure there was something catchy, something slow, and something to sing the shit out of. (:

“Love Is No Big Truth” Kings of Convenience
It is my most played song and also I never get sick of hearing it! I literally never skip this song when it comes on shuffle. And that is really saying something. Also, this is considered one of the “catchy” songs, but not in a dancing way. In a cool cat way. Though I know saying “cool cat” defeats its purpose.

“Across The Universe” The Beatles
Because when on a deserted island, you need to remember who the greatest band in history was. That’s not to say that this is my favourite Beatles song; I still can’t decide between this and “Norwegian Wood”, but I think this song sounded more suitable for desert island loneliness. I also think this would make a great lullaby when I’m paranoid of *foes* roaming the island and I would like to sing the shit out of this.

“Peter Pan” Jinja Safari
I may or may not regret this later on in my island life (I told you how real I get when I talk music playlists) because this isn’t a favourite or a most played – it’s more of an every now and then song. Something I’ll always like, but can’t play too much or I’ll get sick of it. But it made the list because when I drink a ton of saltwater and go loony, I can pretend to go on adventures in Neverland like Peter Pan. Also because I always think of an awesome sunny island with hidden treasure boxes and crazy acid trips that make you think you’re a pirate when I listen to this song.

“High and Dry” Radiohead
This can also be a sing-the-shit-out-of song and also I just love this song. If I’m depressed or just exhausted from pretending like I’m from the show “Lost”, I can listen to this and cry all the liquid I should be preserving from my eyeballs.

“Hurts Like Heaven” Coldplay
Of course I had to have Coldplay in here somewhere, because after their concert, they will most likely be my ultimate favourite band forever. Also I hardly get sick of any of their songs. This was the hardest one to choose because I literally had like ten Coldplay songs I wanted to put in here, and “Hurts Like Heaven” wasn’t even one of them. This isn’t one of my favourites from them, but I figured this would be an awesome fun and catchy song that I can dance to all by my lonesome. And this is the song they opened with at their concert, and every time I hear this song, I relive the experience. Their concert was probably my fondest memory to date, and it would be great to remember something positive like that when I’m stuck in a situation where being alive doesn’t seem like a great option.

Other songs that were oh so close:
“Daughters” John Mayer
“Jesus of Suburbia” Green Day (Just because it’s a fucking 9 minute song with like 6 songs in one)
“Talk Show Host” Radiohead
“Warning Sign” Coldplay (Along with many other Coldplay songs, Fix You, Everything’s Not Lost, Amsterdam, Lost!, Politik, Shiver, etc. etc.)
“Zimbabwe” New Navy
“Chin Music For The Unsuspecting Hero” Foster the People (Now that I think about it… This would make a perfect drunken-stumble-with-Jack-Sparrow-rum-and-laughing-at-own-predicament song!
“Yours Forever” Generationals


September playlist

Every month, I update a playlist based on the month, and it’s usually a few hundred of my favourite and recently added songs. I do this because I have an 8GB iPod and I used to have to “uncheck” a song every time I added a new one, and it is a goddamn painstaking process!

The songs aren’t necessarily new, they’re just newly added. I just wanted to share some of the music I listen to, because I love finding new music from other blogs and websites, so maybe someone can find new music from here!

This is what keeps me sane on my hour-long train rides to the city:

  1. “Chin Music For The Unsuspecting Hero” Foster the People
  2. “Blood” The Middle East
  3. “Warrior” Kimbra, Mark Foster & A-Trak
  4. “Float On” Modest Mouse
  5. “Champagne Supernova” Oasis
  6. “Believe” The Bravery
  7. “Bad Friends” Big Scary
  8. “Andy” Last Dinosaurs
  9. “‘Til Kingdom Come” Coldplay
  10. “Rubber Ball” Cage the Elephant
  11. “Where Is My Mind” Pixies
  12. “Yours Forever” Generationals
  13. “Myth” Beach House
  14. “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” Regina Spektor
  15. “Earthquakes and Sharks” Brandtson
  16. “New Slang” The Shins
  17. “Indigo Lane” Oceanics
  18. “Romancer” Oceanics
  19. “She’s A Riot” The Jungle Giants
  20. “Sunken House” Jinja Safari
  21. “Peter Pan” Jinja Safari

An awesome find: Jinja Safari

Jinja Safari – ‘Peter Pan’

On Monday afternoon, I got off the train at the end of a shitty day of being sick and forced to work on something that’s hard to make progress on. When I have days like this, I usually like to go to JB Hi-Fi and look for some music or DVDs to buy (yes, I sometimes still buy music! more on that another day). I usually get a little carried away when I start hunting for new music and start spending money I don’t have, but I’d heard of Jinja Safari before, all over triple J unearthed, and… just look at their album cover!

It has only been one day since I bought their album, and I’ve been listening to it non-stop. Especially Peter Pan – I find myself listening to it while sitting on the train, smiling to myself just because the song does that to me!
I would explain to you what their genre is, but I’m not sure you can even classify it. On their album, they talk about afro-pop and African music influences, which I can hear, and when I ripped the album to my music library, it was classified under ‘Indie Rock’, but they’re also so… Neverland! I feel like this entire album is something you listen to when you are on (happily) stranded a beachy island full of warm sunlight and open treasure chests. Sort of like, ‘Yeah I’m stranded, so what? This is natural luxury.’ I know, it sounds weird!

Anyway, give them a listen. It has only been a day and they’re already climbing up my list of favourite bands.
Lately I’ve been finding some great Australian indie bands (thank you triple J unearthed!). Last Dinosaurs ‘Honolulu’ is one of my favourites from them. It’s all tropical and summery and catchy and fun. Seeing them live in a month or so! And also The Jungle Giants are another good band I found out are supporting Last Dinosaurs, so score(!) on getting two awesome bands in one night. Seriously check out all these bands! Honestly, I’m pretty sure I didn’t listen to many Australian artists last year (except for artists like Matt Corby, Lisa Mitchell). I didn’t think there were many Australian artists that I like. Then I started paying attention to triple J unearthed this year, and I don’t think I’ve bought so many CDs in such a short amount of time. These are artists I actually want to support!