August 2016 playlist

Long time, no talk! Here are the tracks I’m digging at the moment.
Spoiler alert: there is no Frank Ocean on account of not having his album just yet!

  1. “Oceans” by Seafret
  2. “Cold Water” by Major Lazer feat. Justin Bieber and MO
  3. “Twice” by Catfish and The Bottlemen
  4. “Body Say” by Demi Lovato
  5. “Drive” by Oh Wonder
  6. “West Coast” by Coconut Records
  7. “Papercuts” by Illy feat. Vera Blue
  8. “Boom” by Major Lazer feat. Too Many People
  9. “Toothbrush” by DNCE
  10. “Closer” by The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey
  11. “Ease” by Troye Sivan feat. Broods

Small end note: I saw Troye Sivan live not too long ago and his performance and engagement with the audience just shows how REAL you can be on stage, no matter how big you get! He pulled a lot of things out from the crowd, including a cut out of himself stolen from an Optus store, and lettuce, which he also tasted. Lol. Also took someone’s phone from the crowd and took a ton of crowd selfies! That has only been a dream of mine.



01: Guilty Pleasures

This blog is stale. I can’t just post monthly playlists. What easier way to get a self-centered person talking than to talk about themselves? (I’m not self-centered, but I say “I” way too many times… Um, what?)

Reality TV
Literally EVERY reality TV show. If it’s on TV, I’m gone. Can’t stop watching it until it ends. I know they’re all staged and influenced somehow, but I’m addicted to all of them! Masterchef, The X Factor, Hoarders, Embarrassing Bodies, Operation (fucking) Repo, KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS. That’s the thing – it’s so horrible that I can’t stop watching it. It’s not like Neighbours or Home and Away, where it’s so crap that I need to throw a couch at the TV. It’s so horrible that I have to watch it. I know ALL reality TV shows are terrible, but I can’t help it!

Teen Dramas
The O.C, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Glee (not so much anymore), NOT Pretty Little Liars (UGH). It’s pretty much the same reason that I watch reality TV shows – I know they’re bad but I can’t help watching them. I thought The O.C was good. I genuinely liked that show it will always be one of my favourites. But Gossip Girl, I fucking hated. I hated all the characters, I hated the repetitive plots, I hated the way it was written, I only liked the whole Jenny Humphrey stuff and they took it away. And yet I somehow put myself through every single episode from beginning to end. And at the end of the last episode, I was like, “Well that was shit. Why did I watch all of this?”
I’m sort of still watching The Vampire Diaries just because we already had it downloaded on the computer, but Elena is a flat character and I’m bored with her and Stefan. In fact, I’m more interested in all the subplots rather than the main one of Elena’s dear dear lover and his emotions switched off. Even Damon is starting to be disappointing because of his new goody-two-shoes nature. I actually genuinely like Klaus. Ha!
Anyway, they’re all horrible, but I watch them anyway. I don’t really understand my brain.

K-pop Celebrities
I don’t know, man. It’s weird. I don’t really follow any of them, but I watch their music videos and THEY’RE ALL HOT. The guys and the girls. They have very interesting music videos. And K-pop or all Asian celebrities need to have a lot of talent. Not only do they have to be sensationally hot, but they have to be provocative/sexy in an innocent way. They have to sing, dance, act and entertain. Their personality matters because they’re always on game shows or entertainment shows or whatever. They don’t get a lot of privacy. Like you think that in western culture, they don’t get a lot of privacy, but literally every detail in a k-pop celebrity’s life is expected to just be laid out in an interivew episode, complete with a “hm, are these YOUR leopard print undies that I found from this cupboard?” and a “which of your k-pop star friends would you date – this one or this one?” They’re all known more like TV personalities than as singers or girl/boybands. I find it really interesting, though I don’t usually tell people about this stuff!

Hipster things
I’m not sure how much of a “guilty” pleasure this is, rather than just a pleasure. I’m done with being labelled, and there’s no questioning it – if you were to categorise me I’d be a hipster. But I honestly don’t care because I’ve been like this literally since I was a kid. Writing journals, sitting on rooftops, wanting to skateboard, interested in photography, vinyls, what have you. And I completely understand the irony of “being a hipster before all hipsters” but you just can’t win with that kind of label. It’s again ironic, calling a group of people hipsters, because that in itself defeats the term “hipster”, because that kind of style is pretty much mainstream nowadays. All I’m saying is, I get shit for it, I’m pretty sure my cousin hates me now because she hates hipsters (although she is probably the biggest hipster I have met EVER) but I’m going to like what I want to like.

I’m secretly an old lady. I’m not good at knitting, I can only do the general one, but I want to learn how to make beanies and patterned scarves and so on. So I can choose my own wool and designs! It’s as close as I can get to designing my own clothes (as I have sometimes wanted to, but could never have the patience to learn).

Is there even any questioning it?! Pretty sure 20% of my body is made of Doritos.

Disney shows and celebrities
I have this weird fascination over them. I think part of it is jealousy and part of it is the fact that even when they’re 18+ they’re still expected to be saintly role models for tweens and that is a shitty life to live. I didn’t really closely follow any Disney shows except for Sonny With A Chance, of which I’ve watched every single episode. I LOVE that show. Though sometimes I think the acting and sometimes the jokes are a bit off, it was actually a really funny show. I like to think that if Demi Lovato hadn’t dropped out, it would have been the equivalent of “Friends”, but for tweens. Season 1 was the best, and it kind of went downhill when Demi Lovato did. This guilty pleasure also extends to lame teen movies that I know are crap and I roll my eyes when I watch it and yet it’s still playing. Like Another Cinderella Story, Camp Rock, High School Musical (Shh I know, I know!). Aside from Demi’s “downfall” she is and always has been my number one role model. I idolise her so hard, it doesn’t matter what people said she did or what she actually has done, even before her whole “I found myself” epiphany, I idolised her. I don’t know what it was about her, but I love her!

European art house films/SBS films
I personally don’t think this is anything to be ashamed about, because I think it’s a good change to western culture and Hollywood films, but in my youth and with what everyone my age is into these days, it seems I should be embarrassed about liking art house films and watching SBS. Except that I REGRET NOTHING.

My Life Soundtrack!

As you may have seen in my “About Her” page, I am an incredibly nostalgic person. With that being said, I had intended to make a scrapbook of my high school life after I graduated, but I never got around to it because I’m also very lazy. During my college break between my second and third trimester, I had some weird urge to get it done. The whole point of this was to open it in five years time to see how much my life had changed. So I had prepared a letter to my future self, a whole lot of pictures to put into a scrapbook, all of my old journals and diaries, and some random bits and pieces like concert tickets, notes I passed in class and a DVD of my first short film to also put into the scrapbook.
I spent four days straight, compiling the pictures, updating the letter I had written (because my life had already changed so much from high school graduation, to finishing first year college!) and went out to buy coloured paper and an art diary. I’ve finally finished it (and will post pictures of it later! I’m so proud of it.) and decided I’m also going to create a makeshift “soundtrack” to my life! I like this soundtrack because I think I’m probably the only person in the entire world who would actually like it, just because of how weird the variety is and how much a lot of these songs mean to me! Some of these songs I like now and still listen to, some of them I used to be obsessed with when I was much, much younger! I even tried to order them to manipulate my emotions when I listen to it in five years time! You know, the way an album has a structure? Like that!

1. “Your Heart Is An Empty Room” Death Cab For Cutie
This was the song featured in “The Science of Sleep” trailer, my favourite film, so obviously it reminds me of that. But also because this song has a wonderful nostalgic tone to it and just makes me so happy.

2. “Theme” Jon Brion
This is the main theme to “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind”. It’s also one of my favourite films, but I chose this because I used this track for my first short film also as the main theme!

3.”Beautiful Soul” Jesse McCartney
I know every nook and cranny to this song! Jesse McCartney was probably my first real celebrity crush when I was in 5th grade, and I always sang this with my cousins.

4. “Jump” Simple Plan
I used to like Simple Plan when I was in 6th grade. Haha!

5. “In The Summertime” Thirsty Merc
My 9th grade music class performed this song at a school assembly. It was probably one of the best times in my life. Especially the music lesson after assembly, we jammed and partied and bonded and just had so much fun.

6. “Monsoon” Tokio Hotel
The song that hooked me into a MAJOR obsession with Tokio Hotel. The biggest obsession I’ve ever had. It was crazy. I don’t know anything about them anymore, but I love them like an old friend. 🙂

7. “Get Back” Demi Lovato
I kind of still love Demi Lovato. I have a bit of a girl crush on her, but she’s also my biggest idol. When I didn’t know her, I saw her perform this song on Ellen, and I honestly think she is the only genuinely talented youngster to come out of Disney. I also used to sing this in front of the mirror and imagine I was famous. HA!

8. “Hey Ya” Outkast
I just think this is a really fun old school song. I still listen to it now.

9. “Love Is No Big Truth” Kings Of Convenience
This is one of my all-time favourite songs. It’s so catchy, and cool, it just never gets old.

10. “Whatsername” Green Day
Green Day used to be one of my favourite bands in my late primary and early high school years. This is probably my favourite song, and I still like it now.

11. “Hide and Seek” Imogen Heap
This song reminds me of “The O.C”. Haha! Because of the whole Marissa shoots Trey incident? Yeah. Also because I think it’s a well-written song, and to remind myself about all the artists like Jason Derulo who turns good songs into crap.

12. “By Your Side” Tokio Hotel
I think I might have gone into a short state of depression somewhere in 9th grade, and one day I was just listening to music alone in my room. This song played, and somehow I just broke down and couldn’t stop. It made me cry, yet it was also consoling me.

13. “Hilf Mir Fliegen” Tokio Hotel
Yes, as you can tell, Tokio Hotel had quite an influence in my life. This song also had a similar effect to the one above, but in a different way somehow. The title is German for “help me fly”, so this song comforted me in the sense that it was expressing what I felt, which was helpless, as opposed to “By Your Side”, which was consoling me in the way that music does, knowing that it’s always there for you to help you feel.

14. “The Only Exception” Paramore
Such a sweet song, undoubtedly going to be a Paramore classic. I always sang this song, really wanted to sing this song for awards night or assembly or whatever, but someone already beat me to it!

15. “Fix You” Coldplay
Okay, so I’ll just make it clear that I went through quite a few rough patches in my high school life, possibly went through some undiagnosed depressions, but music always got me through it. This was one of those songs.

16. “Fix A Heart” Demi Lovato
This is a recent one that got me through a very, very bad time. I don’t know how detailed I should get about this, but I was bullied in 7th grade. Pretty much no one liked me. I’d always thought, being six years ago, that I got over it. But there are some things that stick with you for a lifetime. This was one of them. Early this year, I watched a TV movie called “Cyberbully”. It wasn’t a very well-made movie, but anything I watch about bullying often sends me to tears, just because it digs that hole I often try to keep buried. Someone had made a music video to this song, using Cyberbully. A combination of these things made me cry so hard. Probably the hardest I’ve cried in my life. It was also around the same time when, ugh, I’m going to say it: I wanted to kill myself. It was late at night, I was out on the upstairs balcony, and just kept listening to music, trying to cry everything out so I could feel better. This was one of the songs I was listening to, on repeat.

17. “Across The Universe” The Beatles
One of my two ultimate favourite songs by The Beatles (I couldn’t choose between the two!). There’s no particular memory with this, except for maybe the film “Across The Universe”. I just think this song is also so very, very well-written and composed, and it just sounds so beautiful!

18. “Norwegian Wood” The Beatles
This is the other ultimate favourite Beatles song. I love the opening riff at the start. To me, this song sounds like a fun memory, a one-day journey you take in a cute boy-meets-girl way, like that mysterious girl/boy who came into your life for just a short while and changed the way you lived your life.

19. “Easy To Love” The Jezabels
A graduation kind of song, of good times, also sounds quite nostalgic of teenhood. It’s so light-hearted.

20. “Daughters” John Mayer
This is the most played song on my library. I don’t know why! It was never my favourite song at any given time. It’s just one of those songs I love to sing and never get sick of.

21. “A Bad Dream” Keane
I never get sick of this song either. 🙂

22. “A Beautiful Mess” Jason Mraz
If I ever get married, I want to sing this song, or have this song performed at the reception. I always sing this song. It’s so beautiful.

23. “Quelqu’un M’a Dit” Carla Bruni
From “(500) Days of Summer”. I also had a weird (but awesome) French phase. And I just really love this song.

24. “Talk Show Host” Radiohead
Never get sick of this song. There’s so much you can do with this song. I saw a contemporary-or-other dance to this song on So You Think You Can Dance, you can also do a great cover to it, or what I’d most likely do (because Radiohead is copyright free, bless them) is use it in a short film. And the riff. Oh, the riff! So good.

25. “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” Neutral Milk Hotel
I had a huge crush on this guy when I was in 8th grade, and he sang this song and I went all *u*. And then I sang this song for my 10th grade music performance assessment.

26. “Love Can Wait” Cameron Mitchell
I also had a huge celebrity crush obsession over with Cameron Mitchell just last year. It sounds like I live a teenage life obsessing over so many things, but really… that is exactly what I do. I think it’s healthy! It gives me something to look forward to. 🙂

27. “Boy With A Coin” Iron & Wine
Iron & Wine got me through my HSC (Australian version of American SATs and English GCSE) and kept me SANE while I studied! This was my favourite song from them.

28. “Safe & Sound” Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars
The Hunger Games. That’s all.

29. “Time Is Running Out” Muse
Okay. I have to admit it. Once, in my silly days of just… wrongness, I was obsessed with Twilight. About five years ago. I was about thirteen. Stephenie Meyer had created her own soundtrack for the book, and this was one of the songs. Thankfully, the only two good things that came out of liking Twilight was that it got me permanently interested in reading books, and better music.

30. “Consolation Prizes” Phoenix
Forever a catchy song.

31. “Call Me” Kimbra
She was the second concert I went to, and I have so many favourite songs from her album, but this one is particularly catchy.

32. “A-Punk” Vampire Weekend
This song has been my ringtone for about three years now. It’s such a good song! It’s immediately catchy, so it never fails to be an awesome ringtone. I’ve never wanted to change it, because sometimes in public, when someone’s ringing me and I’m digging out my phone, I catch people bobbing and dancing and smiling to it, and that makes me happy. 🙂 Also, one time during a drama play rehearsal, my phone went off and the class was still on the stage, dancing, and my teacher just started laughing. I like that my ringtone makes people spontaneously dance. 🙂

33. “Honolulu” Last Dinosaurs
I’m seeing them in a couple of weeks and this is one of my favourite songs by them. This song is fun to play on the road.

34. “Chin Music For The Unsuspecting Hero” Foster The People
It’s a feel-good song. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like a good walk on a sunny day. Or a quiet road trip with the windows down.

35. “‘Til Kingdom Come” Coldplay
This song is precious to me, I don’t know why. I play it on repeat, and it just makes me happy, in a nostalgic way. (I told you I’m very nostalgic!)

36. “Blood” The Middle East
Listening to this makes me smile. I found this song at the end of the film, “Crazy, Stupid Love”, and it made such a sweet ending. I don’t think I’ll get sick of this song any time soon. It’s so beautiful. It’s something you play when a newlywed couple leaves the church and everyone greets them, and confetti falls around them. A beautiful moment like that. 🙂

37. “Everything’s Not Lost” Coldplay
I used this song at the end of a documentary I made about Drama class. I placed this song towards the end of the playlist, to make myself smile. When I watched my documentary with this song, I found myself smiling at the end, simply because of the way this songs shows plays. Agh, I have to say it again: it’s nostalgic, in a very good way! It’s one of those songs you play with a cheesy montage of good memories!

There we go. I’m surprised at how many intimate details I opened up to in this post! I doubt anyone’s interested in any of this, but posting this makes me feel good. 🙂