Coldplay… I can’t even comprehend!

I just came back from Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto 2012 concert, and……. kjfbflhdsba’wshhlskdb

The amazingness… cannot be… described… What I can tell you is that there is surely no comparison. Any concert or whatever that I see in the future will never be the same. Considering I’ve been listening to their songs since I was a kid, they’ve always been one of my favourite bands, they’ve always been… almost mythical, to me.

I went with my sister (only fair, since she had pitched in for my 18th birthday present some months ago) and we got there at about 4-4:30pm. In all honesty, I actually wanted to leave the house way earlier than 2pm, because I knew there would be so many people already there. We would have arrived there at about 3:30-4pm if it weren’t for bloody CityRail, sticking to it’s low standards of dragging the train along the tracks as though we were about to arrive at a station, except that we weren’t, for more than half an hour, at that speed.

When we got to the actual gates, there were already a few hundred people sitting it out, and it was actually less than I expected, but my sister didn’t except as many people. “Next time,” she said, which made me glad she assumed there will be a next time, “we’ll leave way earlier.” We sat down and ate lunch in the line, like a true camper, and then my sister went off to buy a shirt while I saved our spot. Then at some point, everyone freaked the fuck out, stood up and moved forward, even though the gates weren’t opening for another hour. Turns out they just made the line wider. So I lost my sister in the midst of moving forward and when she found me, we were about 40m from the front gates. Also, because I’m dumb, I started worrying about the stalls running out of shirts if I wanted to buy one after the show. Because there was no way in hell I was going to leave that day without something for keeps. (Now that I think about it, I would have loved to buy a second one, yes really) So, I became one of those annoying people who navigated through the crowds all on their lonesome. There was an opening in the gate only 2m away from me, so that’s where I exited. No one had a problem with that. I went out, bought a shirt, and came back to that same gap in the rail, and everyone hated me because I ended up having to cause a bit of commotion to get through. And I realised that saying, “I just need to get to my sister” is not going to help anything, because that’s what everyone says. The only thing that annoyed me there is that the people sitting around and on the metal rail legs were saving space for their late-comer friends, who they then let through that same gap. And one of the girls who got in late was the one who seemed to have the biggest issue with me.

ANYWAY! The gates opened a little past 5:30pm, and my sister and I have this knack of sneaking our way forward, without people really noticing, or even ourselves noticing, for that matter. So when the crowd finally started moving, we got pretty well ahead, and noticed some people who were previously ahead of us, now far behind.
Our excitement when we got through the gates… It was weirdly amazing. It became this sort of race against everyone else. But not a malicious one. We went through the turnstiles, and they handed us this weird wristband that said “Mylo Xyloto” on it and with a weird gadget thing on it. I didn’t know what it was going to do, but the screens told us to wear it because it was part of the show. So after that, we kind of ran through and got our actual moshpit wristbands. The girl who put in on me made it reaaaaaal tight on my wrist, the skin underneath it couldn’t really breath and I now have a red mark around my wrist, but it was my fault because I was excited to get that over and done with because the stage was right there! So we ran, as you do when you’re one of the first few hundred to enter a Coldplay concert. I guess we should have thought about it before, but we didn’t know where we wanted to stand. There is, of course, that long stage, but they also have a very long runway through the middle and then a smaller stage at the end of it. There were a LOT of things to consider, (we’re short, so we take this where-can-I-stand-so-I-can-actually-see-them very seriously) because the whole runway was already laced with people, but the most congestion was towards the front of the stage. But then again, hellooo, Chris Martin is part of Coldplay, and we all know he goes apeshit when he sings, it’s amazing. So that would mean he’d be going up and down the runway a lot.
We ended up sort of past the halfway mark of the runway, on the left, so we were closer to the end of the runway than to the front of the stage, but we were so close to the rails next to the runway; just a few people stood in the way. I was pretty happy with where we were. I could see them now and again at the main stage, but that would require me to really crane my neck and go on my toes, especially because everyone’s arms were up.

The Pierces came on, and let’s face it, no one really knows who they are and no one really cared. Halfway through their act, they played “Secret”, at which point everyone gave out a collective “Ohhhhh” when they finally realised who they were (the song was featured on Gossip Girl and is the main theme for Pretty Little Liars. Wrong crowd, right?). Also, if they were going to play “Secret” only halfway through, they organised their setlist wrong. :/

After a while, it was The Temper Trap, which I’m sad to admit I was not as excited as I wanted to be for them. I know they’re a pretty big band now and I do have a few of their songs, but… not enough. They were pretty alright though, better than The Pierces. Haha! I was glad they played The Drum Song though, that was one thing. There are no words, but it is hella catchy.

Then we were waiting a pretty long time. I wasn’t complaining, but my feet were. There was an interesting crowd surrounding us. Too many to get into the real details of it. There were a couple of Asians in front of me who were taking photos of every-bloody-thing, a really awesome super friendly carefree group of teens around my age or younger who were to the left of me, the “Kardashians” to the right (they looked like Kardashians, sounded really spoilt about everything, complained that the free water was too “tap watery”, and were just all around really cynical about everyone and everything and their personal space). And then there was this group of… middle-aged men, diagonally in front of me (and they somehow ended up behind us, yay for randomly snaking through!) who were just a weird bunch. Just imagine those misfits from high school who were tubby and not too bright and clearly didn’t shower much, and combine them with the aging men in the club who you avoid and just want to ask them, “WHY ARE YOU STILL DOING THIS” and add just your average unemployed couch potato with chubby cheeks and a tongue that sticks out too often. Well that was that group. They sort of just screamed “mid-life crisis” all over them. They were apparently waiting since 9am and came all the way from Canberra, so LOL to them.

The opening sequence for when Coldplay started was kind of a blur. I was in this weird state of just, I don’t know. Way above heaven. I had been waiting so long to see them. It never really hit me that they were actually there. Then the lights went out, everyone screamed, including me, and dull lights started shining from the stage, while some epic music started playing (the kind that would make you feel awesome if you were entering a room. Or a stadium, for this matter). I don’t even remember how it all started, because there were just so many things happening and I couldn’t take it all in at once. I just kept jumping and screaming and just being so incredulous at how awesome just materialised itself into the form of a band and one hell of an opening.
And then I saw them, all in one crazy ginormous whirr of colour and commotion and music and lights and smoke and lasers and balloons and fireworks…

The screens came to life with animations and close ups of each band member, lasers shot out into the audience, smoke billowed around the stage, fireworks shot up into the sky, the wristbands that we wore lit up and flashed to the timing of the song, “Hurts Like Heaven”, it looked like an astounding sea of lights, beautiful confetti of all different Mylo Xyloto shapes and colours rained down on us, and I just stood there, looking up, my arms raised to feel the confetti rain down on me, catching them in my hands, and smiling, just smiling at … everything happening at this moment. Just savouring the moment of beautiful weather and beautiful audience energy and beautiful confetti and beautiful music and an exceptionally beautiful band. It was the most wonderful thing.

In the second song, (I can’t even remember what it was!) giant beach balloons painted in flouro colours in the theme of Mylo Xyloto came from nowhere and into the crowd, and it bounced way up in the air, it almost looked like it was floating, and then come back down again until someone would send it back up in the air. Everything was just so incredibly beautiful.

It’s funny because I think Coldplay has so many classics that they couldn’t possibly play them all in one night. But they played such a good range of the old and new. God, I love them. And Chris Martin was so humble and so adorable and just – ah! They played classics like Warning Sign, The Scientist, In My Place, Fix You, etc. I think the only song I didn’t know was the Elton John half song that they covered because they were grateful for staying in the same hotel as all these other huge artists, including Elton John. But when they played Fix You, oh slfjgbawprja’jjadfkaspjgoa I just… I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. But I just felt so overwhelmed with a very weird mixed feeling. The amount of times that song got me through the most difficult times in my life… They comforted me from afar, with this song. Fix You means so much to me, it is SUCH an incredible song. So well written, so well played. I wanted to cry because of what this song reminds me of – every hardship I had to overcome with music as my only comfort. But then I was so overjoyed that I was hearing this very song, played live, that it just wouldn’t be right to cry. I have never felt so comforted as I did in that moment in that crowd when they played that song. The passion in Chris’ voice and on his face, projected on the screens was… incredible. And that’s why I was so comforted. How much he means this song when he sings it. But of course, all the songs they played, Chris was so passionate, they way he sang. He put his heart and soul into it. Because he said to us from the beginning, “Thanks for bothering to come all the way here, through the traffic and everything just to see us, so we’re going to try and make this worth all your efforts. We want to make this the best show you’ve ever been to…” etc.

And they played Warning Sign, which is currently one of my favourite songs by them at the moment, I don’t know why, it just happened randomly. I was listening to that song on repeat for the whole train ride there. And again, so passionate, so much that I didn’t know how to express. Again, I wanted to cry, but this time for the band. Because it makes me wonder how they came about writing the song. This song sounds to me like something you write when bad things just slowly keep building up and you don’t really feel it actually affecting you until one day you’re so incredibly tired of just, everything, and this song comes out in floods of helplessness and just emotionally withering. It was so sad, but so beautiful.

Another song that I think was done AMAZINGLY tonight was Viva la Vida. The crowd went crazy and Chris just went aaaaall out in this song, running up and down the runway, doing his funny trademark jump-dance, and by the end of the song, he was at the end of the runway and he just collapsed on the small stage (not for real!). The crowd was so energetic at that point, that even after the song ended and everyone cheered, we continued to sing that part in the song that’s like, “Oh WHOAAA-oh ohhhh oh, oh whoaaa- oh ohhhh oh” for like a minute or so straight. Chris went along with it. From what I saw, he was lying on the stage, and when we’d go “whoaaa” in the high notes, he’d sort of rise up onto his knees, and then lie back down again. That whole riff became a thing for the night. We did that for a pretty long time, and when we were cheering for an encore at the end, that riff is what we chanted, and when the concert was actually over, the crowd was so pumped that we sang that riff over again until the lights were on and people started moving. It makes me smile a little, because I know that it’s something the band might remember distinctly as the Saturday Sydney Australia 2012 show. It sounds stupid, but it really was something amazing, the way everyone collectively kept the song alive throughout the concert, and the way Chris helped it play out.

There was also another song they played, Paradise, I think it was, where Chris kept asking, “Do you mind if we sing the chorus one more time?” and they just played it multiple times. I was glad because it means that we didn’t completely suck as a crowd. That was their “last” song for the evening, before the encore.
When they came back on stage, they were completely on the other side of the stadium, I didn’t even know exactly where they were. I could only see them on the big screens, but it was good of them to play a few songs there. I think they are genuinely considerate of their fans when it means the people at the very back still get to see the actual band for a while rather than their projection on screen.

Their actual last song was Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. It was weird because that was kind of a haze. It all just happened, and I was just so concerned about the moment, rather than taking mental photographs to relive it later, that I actually can’t really remember some of it. I was expecting more confetti for the last song, though I don’t even remember whether there was any for that. They ended it quite sweetly. They each bowed and were all smiles, then they came together and had their arms over each others shoulders like an adorable group of boys at the end of the day just being best friends.

I can safely say that as of now, this has been the best night of my life.